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IJEETC 2022 Vol.11(3): 210-217
doi: 10.18178/ijeetc.11.3.210-217

A Method for Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation Considering Load Demand Uncertainties

Azaldo S. Machava 1, Keren K. Kaberere 1, and Gil A. Vilanculo 2
1. Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences Technology and Innovation, Nairobi, Kenya
2. Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Electricidade de Mocambique, Maputo, Mozambique

Abstract—This paper presents a method for optimally allocating distributed generators in power distribution networks for total loss minimization using genetic algorithms technique. In the optimization process, load demand uncertainties throughout the day were considered with the aim of representing appropriately the real operation of the distribution system, which allows a more careful evaluation of the optimal bus to allocate the DG. The proposed approach was implemented on the IEEE 13, IEEE 34, and IEEE 123 bus test systems, which possess characteristics inherent in distribution grids.

Index Terms—Distributed generators, power distribution systems, load demand uncertainties, loss minimization, optimization.

Cite: Azaldo S. Machava, Keren K. Kaberere, and Gil A. Vilanculo, "A Method for Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation Considering Load Demand Uncertainties," International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 210-217, May 2022. Doi: 10.18178/ijeetc.11.3.210-217

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