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PyAMS: A New Software for Modeling Analog Elements and Circuit Simulations

Fathi Dhiabi 1, M. Larbi Megherbi 1, Achour Saadoune 1, Riccardo Carotenuto 2, and Fortunato Pezzimenti 2
1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Biskra University, Biskra, Algeria
2. DIIES-, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Abstract—All technology instruments use electrical and electronic systems that, before their production, need to be verified via simulation software. A new simulation software called Python for Analog and Mixed Signals (PyAMS) has been programmed. As presented in this paper, the main objective of this software is to simplify the modeling of analog elements and circuits by using the python language to describe design schematics involving libraries, packages, and symbols. PyAMS would be a free software (GNU license). The circuit simulation in PyAMS allows a detailed frequency-domain analysis, DC analysis, and time-domain analysis. The output signals are acquired in different operating points and they are displayed by means of a dedicated waveform editor. The behavioral modeling of analog elements and the simulations results of different test circuits are reported in the text.
Index Terms—Analog circuits, spice, PyAMS, modeling, newton raphson, CAD system

Cite: Fathi Dhiabi, M.Larbi Megherbi, Achour Saadoune, Riccardo Carotenuto, and Fortunato Pezzimenti, "PyAMS: A New Software for Modeling Analog Elements and Circuit Simulations," International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications