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Prabhdeep Singh and Janish Jindal
Department of Electronics and Communication, RPIIIT, Bastara, Karnal.

Abstract—The rising number of cell phone users and the custom of cell phones in remote spans have commanded the web ability providers to rise their coverage and spread it to all places. Price of allocating a cell tower depends on the height and locale, and as it can be extremely luxurious, they have to be allocated strategically to minimize the cost. The numbers of ability providers have increased manifold in the last decade and the contest amid them has necessitated in discovering an effectual algorithm to locale their towers in a crucial way. This method they can safeguard the clients of the ability provider an brilliant connectivity at remote as well as great spans at an affordable cost. ell Towers being luxurious needs to be strategically allocated, to cut cost. Moreover, the optimal height of a tower being allocated demand to be sensibly computed as the height of the tower not merely affects the coverage of the tower but additionally affects the price of its placement. In this context, we come across assorted complications. For instance, signals flounder to grasp precise spans as scope of coverage gets distorted due to geographical constraints. Henceforth, possible tower locations have to be ambitious in each given area. And merely the best and most vital ones that are demanded to cover maximum clients in the span, have to be selected alongside alongside their corresponding optimal height. These features can aid the ability provider firms to set up their tower in a cost-efficient manner so that they can cover maximum clients in the span and in coil maximize their profit. This paper survey Cellular arrangement setback and Resolutions counseled in works.

Index Terms—Cellular Networks, LTE Networks, Optimal tower locations, Optimizations

Cite: Prabhdeep Singh and Janish Jindal, "IMPROVED OPTIMIZATION BASED STRATEGY FOR CELLULAR COVERAGE EXTENSION," International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 12-23, January 2017.