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M M Share Pasand
Standard Research Institute, Alborz, Iran

Abstract— The world has emerged as an era of electronics in recent ages with functioning systems being quite dependable on electronics and machinery. The emerging usage of electronic switching systems caused some power quality issues, specially harmonic pollution which results in several problems in the distribution system as well as sensitive electronic devices. In this paper we analyzed the ongoing problems in power systems and the role of harmonics in it while putting a light on the role play of active and passive power filters in harmonic reduction for quality assurance in electronics. Harmonics put a great impact on the functioning of power systems which can be controlled by harmonic reduction process while using active and passive power systems effectively.

Index Terms— Power systems, Harmonics, Active power filters, Passive power filters, Total harmonic distortion

Cite: M M Share Pasand, "HARMONIC REDUCTION SYSTEMS USING ACTIVE AND PASSIVE FILTER," International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 1-6, October 2015.