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Aditya Dwivedi and Preeti Saxena
School of Computer Science & IT, DAVV, Indore

Abstract—Android is an open source full stack platform for developing applications for android based mobile phones. The wide spread usage of Android requires some areas for potential researchers. Mobility management, location awareness and security are among them. Vulnerability of theft exists as these phones are portable devices. This has opened new opportunities in the field of security of android based mobile phones. A cost effective technique is needed to protect phones using existing resources. Location based services is one of such technique that can provide the protection for smart phones with minimal cost investment. The currently available technique for providing location is GPS, but GPS does not work well at indoor locations for providing locations, so WI-FI signal strength can be used to find the indoor location. This viewpoint can be thus used as a medium to track the phone. An application is developed that can be used for securing android based smartphones in a particular area. It is an effective security application that uses WI-FI signal strength as a parameter to inform location changes. It uses SMS service to inform about the stolen device. The application is suitable for identifying position in indoor locations so that mobile phone can become theft free.
Index Terms—Smart phone security, Indoor location based services, WI-FI signal strength,

Cite: Aditya Dwivedi and Preeti Saxena, "ANDROID PHONE SECURITY USING WI-FI POSITIONING SYSTEM," International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 1-6, January 2015.