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  • A Survey of 6G Mobile Systems, Enabling Technologies, and Challenges [Click]
  • Position-Based Multipath Route Switching Protocol for Intelligent VANETs Using Wiedemann Car-Following Model [Click]
  • Multi-Level Fuzzy Inference System Based Handover Decision Model for Unmanned Vehicles [Click]
  • An Ultra-High Throughput and Efficient Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard [Click]
  • Compact MIMO Microstrip Antenna for Wireless PAN [Click]
  • Design of Dual ISM Bands Low Power Rectenna for Indoor Wireless Power Transfer Application [Click]
  • Stability Assessment of a High-Voltage DC Transmission System Using MIMO- and SISO-Based Impedances [Click]
  • Fabrication of PEG-Plasticized Epoxy Resin-Based Microfluidic Chips by Casting over PMMA Mold for PCR Applications: Influence CO2 Laser-Ablation Parameters of Mold [Click]